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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
#1 at UCLA. Quits after his freshman year to go pro.
Gives up full scholarship worth another $200K, and a degree.

Horrible performance as a pro except for 1 tournament where he go to the round of 16 this summer in a challenger and 1 futures win.
Alright not completely horrible, but why not wait a couple more years, get more seasoning, and get your degree, go pro later? It's not as if the $20K you made this year will go very far.
Just wanted to add that he also won qualifying for the LA Countrywide classic tournament in July, beating Denis Kudla in straight sets. He then won 1 round in the main draw, beating Tim Smyczek. Thats two americans pros that he beat who didn't go to college. If you look at just the younger americans, only young, harrison, kudla, and sock are ranked higher at the moment.

Edit: he also beat kudla again in the US Open Wild Card tournament in August.

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