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^^^ here you go buddy

B5e mains/pacific classic crosses 53/55

Alright, so I had a day off today, so I went out for a hit this morning with the aforementioned setup

Stringing- pretty easy. The crosses scraped a little, but no real issues. Timed myself and did it in 19 minutes.

Groundstrokes- just...phenomenal. No doubt in my mind it is my favorite setup of all time for groundstrokes. Power, placement, spin, it's all there. Nice, big sweetspot, and a really nice feel it. Redirection was as easy as taking command of a point. Great.
Overall- 10/10

Serves- like the addiction version, but with more pop. Again, it just really clicked on serves. Easy to hit spots with all manner of different spin, as well as the ability to hit flat serves.

Volleys- really good. Not like serves and groundies, but it was very good. Touch shots were a little iffy, but attacking volleys were great as well as knifed volleys.

Durability- it won't be bad at all. I'd say it's pretty comparable to the b5e/addiction, maybe a little longer.

Softness- This is a tough one, as I really didn't pay much attention to it. Definitely softer than the addiction version.
Overall- 4/10

This is definitely my favorite setup. It just has so much spin and power as well as feel. I guess it's just the complete package. It doesn't have perfect volleys, but everything else is as close as you can get.
Overall- 9.7/10

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