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Originally Posted by goober View Post
1 point tiebreak? I am not going even bother answering that.

As for 10 point versus 12 point or 14 point- that is a valid question. At some point if your tiebreak becomes too long, it defeats the whole purpose of having one in the first place. Would a 12 point tiebreak be fine- sure. At some point someone had to decide and they decided on a 10 point as reasonable number of points that would be longer than end of set tiebreak but short enough to handle time constraints.

With you argument you can ask- why 6 games to win a set? Why not 5 games or 7 games? Why 4 points to win a game? Why not 5 points or 3 points?
Actually my point is that there is only one defense of a TB. Time constraint. And since there is no credible evidence that 10 is the right number to play a TB, then the 10 point TB becomes just some number that someone picked out of the air.

And I guess your last paragraph can be answered with college tennis.
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