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Originally Posted by larry10s View Post
most serves in doubles should be down the middle so you get a forehand
a wide serve would give you a crosscourt backhand(lefty in the deuce court)
should be easier than the inside out backhand(lefty in the ad court)

if your inide out bh is better that your crosscourt bh thats unusual
Are you a lefty? I am, and I can tell you that it's far easier to chip and charge a backhand return inside-out from the ad court (it's basically a straight-ahead shot) than it is to have to always reach wide for it in the deuce court. At the level I play (4.0) I will see serves out wide to my backhand all day if I return from the deuce court, creating easy pickings for my opponents at net. What you're saying is 100% backward from my experience. The only way this works is if your backhand stroke is as strong or better than your forehand, and you are able to set up and drive all of your backhand returns against big servers.

Like Cindy, I don't mind hitting a backhand volley; it's actually as strong or stronger than my forehand volley (common with lefties). Because I return much better from the ad side, I will always play that way when playing with a right-handed player.

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