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i recall the score of the agassi & mac match being 6-3. this was mac's 2nd match since the pulled hammy so he was definitely still playing his way back into form.

i think the reason why pete wasn't all smiles was he hurt himself midway thru the final against agassi. he did call for 2 injury timeouts to have his quad/hamstring wrapped by the trainer. it was apparent when his serves lost alot of zip after the injury, but yet he played through and finished andre off with a number of aces still.

a few observations after seeing them play first hand. it's easy to see why people say andre is one of best ball strikers ever. he does indeed hit very cleanly. he just rips the ball. one thing that puzzles me is how many say he hits flat. based on what i saw, he hits w/ PLENTY of spin. sampras hits flatter than agassi. it's also easy to see why pete's serve is considered the best in history as well. he was able to effortlessly generate aces at will whenever he needed one. he'd be down 30-40. no prob. serve up 2 aces and it's advantage sampras. in fact many of his aces were 2nd serve aces.

mac was able to serve up a bunch of aces. agassi's groundstrokes are so good that whenever he got a ball near the service line, he'd step in and crush a winner. just amazing.

armed with his serve alone, i'm sure pete could probably take some sets off of current touring pros, but at his current age, there's no way his body can hold up to the daily grind of the ATP. i'm really glad i went to see these former champions play.

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