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Hold on now...lets talk about that. First of all if she hits a ball in the alley closest to you she should be basically in your service box and you should be in the alley. Her alley at that point is a non issue if we are talking about a situation where she has just served and is coming in. Me and my wife will give each other all kinds of hell if the forehand doesn't take the middle. Part of the reason for that is if they start putting balls high on your backhand and you take them....chances are you aren't doing anything really meaningful with them. She should be able to direct her volley back again at the the person in the ad court's backhand(assuming they are right handed) as she is moving in closer...which ultimately forces them to try to lob or hit it right back to one of you in most cases which gets put away at that point. I really love to hit the ball short in the alley from the ad side back to the server's backhand and short. My wife covers the alley and I come all the way over into her service box. Most try to lob which is fine...but if you don't get it up and high enough chances are your partner or you are going to eat it and if you just return it through the middle I'm going to be right there for the forehand volley which is going to right back through the service box of the player that is now in the alley trying to get back as most teams don't cover the middle. We believe in covering each other. I don't play with any woman or man that sits camped out bent over watching me run like a horse. I think you need to rethink that. Forehand covering the middle is a good thing even when it's the woman hitting the volley. That space that is left open is a non issue. the middle of the court has basically moved at that point and if she is getting where she is suppose to be they will never be able to get passed her to get to that part of the court. She will be in the middle to cut it off.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
We have got to take Forehand Takes The Middle out back and shoot it in the head. I don't know where this idea came from, but it is making me crazy.

I play deuce court. I am perfectly happy to hit my BH volley. It is usually stronger than my FH volley.

Yet I play with partners who practice FTTM and scold me after any missed BH volley. This is causing me all manner of headache.

A ball comes up the middle and I take it, but I get scolded that it wasn't my ball because her FH was in the middle. So even though my partner was deeper in the court, I'm supposed to not poach.

It's just a hot mess.

FTTM leaves the middle too exposed because I am not taking balls I could reach with my BH.

FTTM leaves the deep player covering the entire court except the alley I can cover with my FH. So my partner has responsibility for 80% of the court and I have 20%.

FTTM sounds good when the net player is in the ad court (her FH is to the middle), but if she is trying to cover diagonal balls she is leaving her alley wide open, and a lot of players can take a FH DTL for a winner.

FTTM is hard for the net player with a decent BH volley to implement. I don't know where my partner is, so I cannot judge when to let balls go through. Better, I think, is for me to take what I think I can take without regard to whose FH is in the middle.

Don't get me started on the issues playing with lefties. It's enough to give you vertigo.

Cindy -- who is more likely to feel like scolding partners who let balls go through that they should take
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