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Originally Posted by jaggy View Post
Theres more to college tennis than tuition room and board etc. Throw in strength coaches, trainers, coaches court time travel, equipment and other incidentals and it creeps up.
Exactly. And it costs, according to the USTA, $140K a year to be on the pro tour.
Which means, just to break even, you have to make about $250K of earnings, given taxes.
now, throw on lets say $40K a year (which takes another $70K of earnings) for free college at a top tier school, that means in the next 4 years, he has to earn $320,000 a year for it to have been worth it, and realistically, far more than that to give up all the advantages of having a degree for down the road.
Anybody think he's going to make $1.3M his next 4 years?

I don't think people realize how little most tennis players make. Sure, follow your dreams, but be realistic as well. There's no reason he couldn't make it at 22, and probably would do better to boot.
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