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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
. There's no reason he couldn't make it at 22, and probably would do better to boot.
sure there is ,look at Nadal.. he's 25 and his body is already breaking down.. at 25 look at all Nadal has accomplished.. those years lost in playing college tennis will never be equal what DK can get on the pro tour.. everyone is different.. DK is already close to his prime physically ,so he has a certain amount of time to capitalize when he's still in peak,physically.. tennis is not like golf .. the body is more of important factor.. most(most) men slow down at around 30.. so do the math.. not everyone are the same.. guys like Steve Johnson,Sock and Fratangelo are not built like DK.. DK had bulging muscles and a full 6 pack at 15.. S.Johnson was almost on the fat side before going to USC.. DK ready ,he just needs pro match experience ..
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