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Campbell can play 2 weeks after his bone sets, but another fall on the shoulder is guaranteed to need pins and 6 month recovery time.
Most clavicle breaks set in 8-11 days. Then it's immediate PT to get motion and flexibility, but it's fragile for another month or so.
I've broken clavicle's 4 times.
Every one, back to windsurfing for fun (NOT racing), or motocross (organized racing, AMA or CMC Novice 125's) within 20 days.
If I was paid a couple mil, I'd take at least 6 weeks off, then limited backup play only.
KyleBoller is a fine QB who's tougher than that wimpy Jason. Once again, 3 step drops, get rid of the ball on 8 sub 15 yard patterns and 2 flys. NO defence can get in there that quickly....not even LT.
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