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Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
So you called balls out that were in because you didn't like the promptness of his calls? Sounds like there was only one cheat on that court.

Personally if I was playing someone in league tennis who actually fist pumped after winning points I'd probably make late calls too. Its fun to mess with people who take things hyperserious. Doesn't mean I wouldn't make the calls accurate.
It seems you missed a lot of my post, and you certainly missed the thread where a roving official gave the point to the other person when her opponent didn't make a prompt and immediate out call... And it was a ball that was several feet out... The majority of these balls were ridiculously close..

This guy did it to me the entire night and he would wait until after he picked up the ball at the back fence to come back and say it was out... Come on, that's ****** sportsmanship anyway you want to look at it.

I also said that I felt like at least 4 shots I hit were absolutely in and he didn't give any one of them to me... Maybe they were, maybe they weren't, but the fact that he didn't make calls until way late is inexcusable...

I wasn't fist pumping after winning every point, just on shots that looked like winners and he called them out way late....

Reading comprehension FTL buddy... Next time, don't make a comment until you fully understand what the other person is saying...
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