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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
If you're not going to force the issue with any shot, better to defer to your partner who's in position to hit the ball.
Nothing worse that a backhand poacher who only can pop up a weak, short, high sitter.
Conversely, if you can't hit DOWN on any volleys, you should just practice more before playing.
Ditto, if you are going to take a backhand volley poach you need to make a strong shot the solid majority of the time or let it go. A lot of 3.5s I've seen and a decent chunk of 4.0s have more trouble with the bh volley...especially if its a bit on the high side...than the forehand volley. They end up flubbing it or hitting a weak shot back that is worse than letting the back person hit a solid ground stroke. Granted this can happen on the forehand side too!...I just see and do it more myself on the bh side.

If the net player can pull off a nice bh volley poach with pace and placement on a pretty consistent basis then by all means they should step in and poach...from either side...whoever is closest. I just see a lot of...let's say...overconfidence in trying to make that backhand volley shot and failing at 3.5/4.0 level...again...especially on the high bh volleys. The whole point of poaching is to take the offensive...if the resulting shot doesn't do that then the net person should've let it pass.

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