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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Yahoo Sports reporting it as 2012 1st rounder and 2013 2nd rounder.

Either way it's a high price to pay for a 31 year old non-elite QB.

BUT, Palmer offers the potential of the most competent QB in Oakland since Gannon. Is the rest of the team good enough to justify this move in terms of guaranteeing immediate success? Questionable, but after the dark days post-SB the Raiders are looking more and more legitimate.
The O-Line has played well this year outside of penalties, I think Campbell was the least sacked QB in the NFL and of course one of the top run games w/ DMC and Bush. That's going to be the key regardless of who the QB is, DMC has to stay healthy if we want to make the playoffs.

As far as receivers, the talent is there, just young - DHB has looked better this year, along with Moore and Ford, and Louis Murphy and Chaz Schillens are both good though they are made of glass. Also Boss has been good as TE, and of course DMC catching out of the backfield as well. The talent is there, Carson just has to be ready and do his part, and this trade could work out.

Funny thing is, I was thinking all year of how talented we are, but that Jason, even though he was playing ok, wasn't quite the franchise QB we needed to win us games with his arm. Maybe Palmer can step in, regain his old form, and be that guy. Will he be like Plunkett and Gannon and revive his career, or like Aaron Brooks, Culpepper, Collins, and be a total bust? Hopefully the former and not the latter.
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