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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
Fair enough. But realize that for 98% of players on tour, its a money-losing proposition. It costs a lot to compete year after year. And then you come back and that scholarship is gone.

I dunno, an education worth, lets call it $100K, fine, is still worth a lot. UCLA room, board, books etc is pretty pricey.
Degree would come in handy when trying to get a real job in a tough job market when tennis doesn't work out.
Trying to go back to college at 28-32 years old and pay full boat...well, good luck with that, most don't do it. He'll end up a country club pro at best. Nothing wrong with that...I guess.
You're telling me he couldn't compete in 3 more years? Didn't hurt all. Young could have benefited from it too.

Anyway, it's his life. I get it. But its not now or never. Let him grow physically, learn the game more, play top collegiate players. Just seems shortsighted.
I believe you just summed up my life perfectly in this post....
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