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FTTM is a beginner strategy that has no place in advanced doubles. Not because there is anything inherantly wrong with it, per se, but because of reasons of optimal court coverage and the pace of the shots, it is the unusual situation where there is a shot where: 1) both players have a good play on the ball, 2) the players are equally close to the net (since the player who is closer to the net likely should play the ball if they have a good play on the ball). It just doesn't come up (except for lobs, when it is a perfectly fine strategy).

Naturally many teams have a player who is "known" for being better at the net and their partner defers to them automatically and often this player will play on the ad side so they are hitting FHs. But these teams usually play this style even when the better volleyer is on the deuce side (and hitting BHs).
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