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And so we go.

Pacific classic/WeissCANNON silverstring 56/53

Stringing- the easiest gut mains setup I've strung. No friction burn and the silverstring is easy to weave.

Groundstrokes- really solid. They didn't blow me away, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of control I got. Not as much spin as other gut mains setups, but plenty of power and control.
Overall- 8.5/10

Serves- really good. They weren't quite as good as the black5edge variation, but it did have more power. Kicks were good, flats and slices were awesome.
Overall- 9/10

Volleys- my favorite part of this setup. Actually, it's my favorite string setup for volleys period. Phenomenal touch, great power, and it was easy to hit aggressive volleys deep and short.
Overall- 10/10

Durability- not sure yet, but I'm guessing pretty good for a gut poly hybrid.
Overall- 7/10

Softness- 1 being the softest, 10 being the stiffest
Overall- 2.5/10

This would be a great setup if you like to attack net. For me, it doesn't have quite enough from the baseline, and it didn't have quite the spin I wanted on kick serves. It's still a top notch setup though.
Overall- 9/10
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