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A ticket to RLA doesn't grant you access to Hisense or vice versa... I read that you can upgrade ground tickets to Hisense... not sure if you can do that with RLA

After 5PM ground pass is $20 instead of regular for $29, so I believe if you buy the regular ground pass you can stay for the whole day...

What I'm curious now is when will they do the draw? I want to get 1 more RLA ticket to make sure I can watch Nadal/Federer during early rounds..

maybe fantasticfed has some insider info?

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A ticket to RLA grants you access to Hisense as well? Curious about that.

Another question, why do they sell ground pass from 5pm onwards? I guess one would not catch a fair amount of matches on the side courts on night time. Also, if I buy one regular ground pass will they check on me if mine is valid for night time? Didn't get that pretty well.

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