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Originally Posted by KFwinds View Post
That's great if that works for you, but I think you are an exception, especially if you have a strong backhand return and have the ability to consistently hit inside-out forehands. It also sounds like you probably see much better servers and poachers than I do at my level.

Against most of the competition I face, there really isn't anyone that can serve consistently up the T. If they go there, I just chip and charge. If the net player even flinches, I'll redirect down the line. Works very well for us lowly 4.0's...
If most of the serves you're facing are out wide, then I can understand that being on the left is good for you. But I think as you move up from 4.0 to 4.5, you're going to find that the players serves are much better and vary much more throughout the box. You pretty much have to be able to move your serve around at the 4.5 level other wise returners are going to just dial in your serve and punish it.

Originally Posted by Chatt_Town
What I haven't ever figured out is lefties obsession with the ad side of the court. What's up with that?
Generally the obsession with the Ad side is more on serving because of the spin out wide. If I'm playing against someone that's a lefty and has a decent serve, I may play the AD side if my partner is a righty, just to negate the serve with my forehand. However, for returning it's also liked because you can run around the backhand on the serve to hit the forehand cross court.

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