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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I am not familiar with this player but chances are 99 out of 100 he should have stayed in school. He will not be going back to UCLA, as his scholarship is gone. Ask Billy Beane if he made a good choice in not going to Stanford. Beane was the top recruit in the country, a can't miss prospect. He missed.
Thanks to you and to the following poster. I think a lot of the comments about "following your dreams" are from amateur players who would love to think they gave it a shot at being pro with the obvious talent a kid like this has.
It's also an instant gratification culture, and potentially big dollar signs.

On top of that you have parents and agents who don't get paid until the checks start rolling in, and usually don't have your true best interests at heart.

The sad reality is 99% of these guys don't make it.

I look at a guy like Paul Goldstien, who finished at Stanford, rose to #59 in the world, beating guys like Moya, Rafter, and even Djokovic (at the Aussie Open no less), retired, and has a solid Silicon Valley career.

Just wish more guys would follow this path instead of taking the easy way out.
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