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Originally Posted by Manus Domini View Post
Personally, I believe Rosewall is one of the GOATs (if not the GOAT), but I would be mad to include him in the top 5 volleyers (though maybe top 5 net game, thanks for Limpin to pointing out there is a difference).

My list:
  1. Edberg
  2. McEnroe
  3. Rafter
  4. Cash (at his best)/Sedgeman
  5. Laver
  6. Rosewall
  7. Newcomb
  8. Ashe
  9. Nastase
  10. Pancho Gonzales
  11. Kramer
  12. Sampras
  13. Stitch
  14. Cara Black
  15. Borg (he didn't win those W by grinding for two weeks)

Mine might be a little weak, but it's just based on who I've seen clips of. I don't have the knowledge of Limpin.

And yes, Borg is on the list, more due to my own ignorance of other great volleyers than the fact that I think he is undeniably top 20 volleyer of all time
I like your list. There is a guy on YouTube who has hundreds of killer Edberg matches. So cool of him to post of that great footage of the best volleyer there will ever be.

Here is his Youtube channel

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