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Im in my mid-twenties. Played tennis for roughly 5 years now, on and off(mostly because of school). I've never taken paid lessons; taught myself and learned the game and techniques mostly with tips, wisdom and knowledge from the always helpful and insightful TT forum members, the good old WWW and Youtube.

Im not tall, big or strong but I used to play basketball, soccer and hockey in my teens so I think Im pretty athletic and have good hand-eye coordination. My playing level is probably around the 3.5 to 4.0 mark as I've been told but have never played in any tournaments before so I've no idea how I'd measure up.

I have seen some 4.0 and 5.0 tournament matches and I like to think I could hang with them, just on stroke production and technique though. I haven't had many match experiences either since I only just hit the wall or rally to hone the proper technique and form and get the fundamentals down first.

Anyhoo, my ultimate goal in tennis is to compete at the Open level(5.5+) and maybe one day become a professional tennis player. Is this a realistic goal or just a pipe dream? Is it even a possibility to get to that level for someone like me?
Assuming you have the natural talent to be a world class player, the years it would take for you to develop the skill needed to be a world class player (complete devotion to tennis with world class coaching and training and the sacrifice of all other aspects of your life), would put you way past the age of your athletic prime.

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