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My current nemesis seems to possess the keenest eyesight of any of the numerous guys against whom I regularly play matches. He alone will almost always call a hot serve of mine out when it lands close to a line. He really seems to me to be giving himself the benefit of his own doubts routinely, he does not give me very many line calls when (I believe) he feels that my serve is picking up and about to get going for some cheap points. I realize that visual perceptions are subject to distortion given the distance between my baseline and his service box, and that sometimes a serve that looks like it's IN really isn't, while other times a serve that looks like it's OUT is actually in. Against this one guy, though, such close-to-a-line balls are almost always called "out" by him which isn't the case against all the other opponents that I play regularly. When I'm serving, their calls are more random and less uniform than those my nemesis makes. I do not accuse him of purposefully hooking, but I am certain that he is extremely competitive and these people sometimes see only what they need to in order to win.

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