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whoa I left for a few hours and this thread is already two pages. thank you all for the dose of reality. I guess I didnt know what I was smoking when these thoughts went through my head.

I think my goal now is to just get to the highest level I possibly can and go from there. Of course I never dreamt of becoming a real pro playing on the ATP tour, that is just next to impossible.

I just thought that maybe if I worked really hard on the proper techniques and fundamentals then maybe I could have a chance to compete at the Open level and maybe get into some pro tourney and get an ATP point. Once my body is no longer able or if I get bored then I can become a teaching pro and say that I was a former pro hehe.

My plan now is to just practice whenever I can and take some lessons to improve my footwork. Next year i'll definitely play some tourneys to get match experience.

As promised here are some videos of me hitting. Unfortunately I could only hit with the wall which doesnt show much. Criticisms and suggestions from everyone are highly appreciated as always.

some serves
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