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Originally Posted by TennisCoachFLA View Post
You said you played hockey, basketball, and soccer as a teen.

How come you think you could go pro in tennis yet would not even dream that you could go pro in any of those other sports?
as you can see from the video of my physique, I was always the shortest and smallest guy on any team. I did dream that I could play professional basketball but I was way too short so I got cut by the highschool team. Hockey, same thing, all the bigger kids would easily knock me over, hit harder, shoot harder, skate faster, stronger on the puck. I was pretty crafty with the ball in soccer but I just couldn't kick as hard, run as fast and have the endurance as the bigger and more fitter kids. But I did play all those sports which helped with the athleticism.

But tennis is different, of course it's nice to be big tall and strong, but its not like those other sports where those physical attributes are absolutely necessary for success at high levels. Tennis I think is more about technique, speed and quickness, tactics and anticipation and of course the mental aspect. You dont need to be big and strong to hit the ball hard, thats why I think proper technique and fundamentals are so important therefore spent most of my time and energy on.
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