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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
I'll be a bit more optimistic . . .

If you're willing to spend the time and learn proper technique, and this means focused practice several times a week (year round), not hacking around with some buddies on the weekend, and assuming you have an average level of athletism and you're in decent shape, you ought to be able to get up to 5.0 to 5.5 level eventually. Dave Smith preaches this and it makes sense to me. The folks I see who haven't achieved that level, and that is most folks admittedly (including me), usually have flaws in various aspects of their strokes and/or don't have the time to spend to get them grooved to the point where they're consistent enough in match situations. If you're willing to work and spend the time to get those strokes really solid, then 5.0 to 5.5 should be doable.

A coach would be really, really helpful in making this happen.
how did I miss such a good post. thank you
yes I totally agree with this approach. A coach would definitely help me out alot.
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