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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Connors wasn't a great volleyer either, but he liked to take his opportunities. Against Borg, at times he felt that it was his only shot, as Borg could prevail on the majority of baseline rallies and Borg developed into a better server. I'd give Borg the edge as a volleyer on clay only. Overall, I wouldn't put either Borg or Connors in a top 25 list for volleyers.
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Both were competent volleyers who knew how to finish points at the net. I think Connors came in more often because his brutal groundies drew weak shots and he was naturally more aggressive than Borg. Borg, typically, was content to allow his opponent to be aggressive and to come in where Borg would pass them with the best arsenal of passing shots ever seen.
I would agree with both of you although I would say they both were above average as volleyers. That's a lot going for them when you consider that both had among the greatest groundstrokes in the history of tennis to set them up.
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