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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
You hit a nice ball by club player standards but the foibles in your strokes show through heavily. Your forehand is heavily inspired by how you think Federer hits his. The risk when attempting to mimic like that is you miss the finer details of the stroke and what makes it what it is. Being able to objectively view how someone hits a stroke and then come up with a specific set of improvements to practice to move in that direction is a rare skill. You should be able to watch the video and see what you need to improve on but I dare say you don't have that level of self analysis. Most people never develop it to a high enough level.
yes you're right, i've made this mistake many times and still do. i watch the videos and then go try to force it to look a certain way as i remembered seeing. this has caused some very bad habits and messed up the sound techniques that i'd learned.

lately I've stopped watching them and just hit what feels natural to me and been getting better results. before i was constantly obsessing over minute details that i forget the basics of a sound stroke and so everything just breaks down from there. fortunately I do have some fundamentals that i can coming back to whenever I mess up trying different things to get that forehand to look right.
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