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Originally Posted by dozu View Post
it's getting boring limp - come up with something interesting for a change.
Listen Dozu, when I take the time to give in depth detailed advice to someone that I think can do something productive with it, and then you come along and try to belittle me and my advice with your uninformed, unqualified, childish playground antics, then I think I owe it to the reader to advise him that you have never actually played a tennis match. That way he'll know what weight to give to your criticism.

If you don't like it, then you can always elect to mind your own business, and stop taking cheap shots and making comments about something you know absolutely nothing about. I don't go around telling others that I think your advice is crap, even when I think it is. If I disagree with you, I'll say so and explain why. Grow up!

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