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I played a match Saturday, my first at 4.5.
I was getting beat pretty good, and I hit a netcord that dropped right in front of his side.
Somehow, my opponent got to it, and hit it back just over the net, but wide.
I called it out and he blew up at me. Really let loose and got very angry.

He was up 6-1, 3-1 at the time. Our next opponent was watching, and he told me later that it was out, he even pointed that out to my opponent.

I felt bad about the call, even though I was right. But it definitely put a chill on our friendly banter up to that point.

I guess that's the thing with me, I try to be a nice guy out there and pride myself on calling fair calls. And I'm nice to my opponent always, usually with a little banter.

It was kind of a bummer he thought I was hooking and I definitely wasn't.
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