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Originally Posted by SJSA View Post
This is a great post.
I tried 80% of dampeners on the list and ended up with Yonex. It doesn't come off easily compared to other ones.
Prince Silencer Vibration Dampener is hard to install. It was ripped off.
How the heck did you rip your dampener off? As you can see from my reviews, I liked both the Yonex and the Prince but the Prince dampens more.

Take the time to do something right and you'll be rewarded. A good analogy is painting an interior room. Very little time is needed to do the actual painting. 80-90% of your time is spent moving furniture, putting down the tarp, cleaning and taping the walls.

The same holds true for the Prince Silencer. It is hard to install because you have to move two strings to slide each end it. So have a buddy press down on one string while you pull one string up. Take you all of a couple of min and you won't have to do it again.
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