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I don't know if anyone has mentioned Ramesh Krishnan from India. I saw him play a few times on tv in the 80s. He had a very aesthetically pleasing game, and commentators often described his strokes as "smooth as silk" and his game "flowing like honey" and similar phrases. Not a hard hitter, but what you might call a touch player with extraordinary control. He won the Wimbledon and French Open junior titles in 1979. Extremely talented and promising player that never quite made it to the very top. His highest ranking was in the 20s.
One of the nicest memories of the 80īs is when those 2 artists, Vijay Amritraj and Ramesh Krishnan led India to the DC finals...only to be wipped out by the ultrasolid swedish squad (Wilander,Nystrom,Jarryd,Edberg,Sundstrom,Pernfors ...)
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