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I think that this video is clear evidence of what a previous poster said regarding best "net player" versus "best volley". Nadal and some other modern players may have solid volley technique but I cannot think of any who have the instinct and movement at the net that these guys exhibit.
These guys learned to play on courts that you wouldnt want the ball bouncing on. Agree that Edberg was in their class. I also think that Emmo is getting short changed here. In his day he was thought to have the best backhand volley in the game. And that was at a time when all players had great backhand volleys. I remember that when Roche was Feds coach, Fed said that his (Roche) volleys were far better than anyone currently on tour.
I've tried to get Emmo moved up many times on this and on the greatest backhand and greatest 1 handed backhand list. On Hoodjem's latest list, I think he's got it pretty close. I had the privilege of seeing him play against Laver in a WCT event in which Emmo won the first set 6-1 before Laver came back to win the next two. Amazing tennis!
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