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Down 2-5 in 3rd set (I had won the 1st and lost the 2nd) and came back to win 7-5. I thought my opponent was going to tear his car door off when he left.

Lost 1st set 0-6 and won 2nd set 6-0 and the 3rd set tiebreaker vs a younger guy that was in shape...not a conditioning issue. He just couldn't win a game after the first set. Not really a blow-out...just every deciding point went my way.

Won first two sets fairly easily and then got down 0-5 in 3rd before losing it 4-6. The 3rd set was for fun but it wasn't like I was not trying....he just got hot.

Won first set fairly easily and up 5-2 in the 2nd. Lost the set and lost the 3rd set tiebreaker. That one hurt.
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