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I use 1 TINY rubberband on each of my prestige rackets and it's perfect.

The rubberband measures 2mm thick unstretched. It's made from latex, so I haven't had one dry out yet. Weighs somewhere around .5g.

Here are some lessons I've learned recently:

-The rubberband only works well on my Prestiges. On my tweener racket, it isn't enough and it still pings a lot, I use a Gamma Shockbuster on that racket and it's perfect. The shockbuster on my Prestiges is too much and I loose some feel.

-If I install the rubberband too tight, my Prestiges start pinging again. The trick I found is to tie them just tight enough to hold themselves from sliding down the string, but no tighter or else they aren't effective anymore.

-On my friend's Prestige Mid, the rubberband and button dampener don't work, it takes a Shockbuster to stop the pinging.

-The Djokovic orange button dampener is perfect for the IG Speed racket it came with, but if I put it on the Prestige, it still pings some. But with the small rubberband on the IG Speed, it also pings; so they can't be switched.

Every racket is different and needs a different dampener. My theory now is that I want just enough dampener to stop the pinging on whatever racket I'm using, but no more dampening than that. I hate pinging/vibration, but now I will find the dampener that is just barely good enough to stop the pinging, but no more.
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