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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
Low carb diet starting on 3/26/2011: 195 lbs at 22% body fat
Currently as of 10/22/2011: 170 lbs at 14.9% body fat
Results: 25 lbs and 7.1% body fat lost
Goal: 11% body fat
Please!, please dont do low card diet...

Please. You will regret. Oh.. You already started..... Just saw..

Well here is something you should know, maybe you already realized..

195lbs X 0.071(body fat that u lost) = 13.8 lbs

So you lost 13.8 lbs of fat.

Where is (25 - 13.8 = ) 11.2lbs...

From your muscle.... So you have lost 60% fat with 40% muscle...

And you know whats bad things about low carb diet?

Whats coming AFTER.

You might lose weight in the beginning, but keeping off the track is another story..

Also simple carbs (sugar) Such as glucose.

It's very important to brain.

"The Institute of Medicine recommends 130 grams (520 kilocalories) of carbohydrate
per day, which is the average minimal usage of glucose by the brain"

There is more... But you should search it and how bad is the popular diets are..

Good luck! If you need any help
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