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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
Low carb diet starting on 3/26/2011: 195 lbs at 22% body fat
Currently as of 10/22/2011: 170 lbs at 14.9% body fat
Results: 25 lbs and 7.1% body fat lost
Goal: 11% body fat
Originally Posted by kikiviva View Post
195lbs X 0.071(body fat that u lost) = 13.8 lbs

So you lost 13.8 lbs of fat.

Where is (25 - 13.8 = ) 11.2lbs...

From your muscle.... So you have lost 60% fat with 40% muscle...]
He started with 152 pounds lean body mass (LBM)...195 * .78 = 152

He ended with 144 pounds lean body mass....170 * .85 = 144

He lost 25 pounds total; 8 pounds LBM and 17 pounds fat.

So about 1/3 of his loss was LBM (which is certainly not all muscle).

Add to this the fact that he **probably** underestimated his bodyfat% at the beginning. Very common. All in all, his results are about what you might expect to see.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
November 2010: 250 lbs. @ 27.5%

March 2011: 210 lbs. @ 17.5%

September 2011: 200 lbs. @ 13%

Today: 210 lbs. @ 16.5%

205 @ 15% is as low as I can go and still be able to eat "normal".
My numbers are a little different. In truth, I went from 248 to 209 (I rounded off). I did start at 27.5% and ended up at 16.5%. I lost 39 pounds total of which ~6 pounds were LBM or about 15% was LBM loss.

Why is my LBM loss lower? Probably because my initial bodyfat test was more accurate is my guess. Other methods had me closer to 23% (online calculators, bodyfat bathroom scale, etc). That would have started me 10 pounds LBM higher, resulting in a 40% LBM loss.

That's my take on it anyway.
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