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Originally Posted by rk_sports View Post
Have you seen this article (by Richard Pagliaro of

Foot Boost: A Training and Treatment Tool for Feet

"...Through scans we've found advanced players spend much more time on their toes than club players,
and some of those players we've scanned have played in running shoes because running shoes are designed to help you push off your toes"

"Think about the changes we've seen in racquets and strings and the slower surfaces and then ask yourself:
What changes have we seen in tennis sneaker technology during the same period?" Grossman says

Do any of you use running shoes as your primary footwear for tennis? Does it really help?
Well...another great article from the folks that bring us Tennis Mag. Running shoes do not work well for tennis. You might be able to get away with a cross trainer.. but that might still be pushing it.

I have taught a lesson in running shoes... never played in them.

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