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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
You are greatly misinformed about low carb diets. IMO, you should keep your misinformation to yourself until you actually understand the science behind them. I will GUARANTEE I have both read and written more scientific peer-reviewed research than you have. Don't go around making ignorant comments about things you clearly do not understand--it only makes you look foolish. Go look up the term gluconeogenesis--it will rock your little world I'll bet. Did you even know the body did that?

By the way your little "calculation" fails to take into account the water loss which is common on low carb diets as your body sheds itself of gylcogen which retains water. Also, my body fat numbers are just estimates taking with an inexpensive Slimguide caliper. Finally, if I am suffering so badly from my low carb diet, why am I playing the best tennis of my life at age 52? Why were all of my recent blood work profile markers (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose) in the excellent range?

Yes, i know water loss is common on low carb. You suppose to weigh with water. That's the FINAL answer for correct weight loss.

you know that atkins diets only let you get 20 grams a day. then added 5 grams.

No bread or pasta, fruits, vegetables, or juice.

Of course you will lose weight if you restrict an entire nutrition group.

You are dramatically decreasing the amount of calories you're putting into your body.

But fruits and vegetables also enhance feeling of fullness because of their naturally high water and fiber content and provide your body with healthy fiber, folate, and other heart protecting, brain-boosting, libido-lifting, mood-enchancing, essential vitamins and nutrients. You are cutting those out. Plus you are making your body crave. Restricting foods will only make you crave them more and more. end up binging instead later.

also, im wondering when did you get your medical exam.

I know Low carb actually decrease cardiovascular disease risk.

but what about

Colon cancer, heart disease, impaired kidney function, complications of diabetes, osteoporosis, and other effects.

Constipation 68%
Headache 60%
Bad breath 38%
Muscle cramps 35%
Diarrhea 23%
General weakness 25%

and you know what?

My host mom was on low-carb diet (she was strong and well controlled her diet) she lost 100 lbs i think..

but in 3-6 months she gained 50lbs easily.

she did not eat like monster after diet.

she was controlling her kilo-calories intake, still she was gaining weight..

And i have seen what she's eating... I pity her..

all effort she put on, soon or later would be gone.

you might be playing better, because of poor eating habit in the past.

But you won't last long in the match.

also i respect you in every way, you lived longer than me you might know more than me. I did not want to be rude. I just have seen people thought they were succeeded in diet. but later on it came back. I feel really bad about them. But this is what i have seen and hear from books / internet / article / nutrition specialist.
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