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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
God you are ignorant. So much so that it hardly seems worth debating the issue with you but I'm going to try.

Again, you are either ignorant or misinformed about the Atkins diet. I don't do Atkins but I know enough about it to know you are totally wrong about it. First even in its MOST restrictive phase in terms of CHO intake called Induction, you are supposed to eat 20 NET grams (add back fiber) and you are not prohibited from eating fruits and vegetables. In fact the diet recommends that all your carbs come from these sources during Induction. Do you have any idea that 20 net grams of CHO from broccoli is about 5 cups which one hell of lot more than most people who aren't doing Atkins eat in a day. Induction only lasts two weeks anyway, then you can add back more carbs if you feel like it.

You are not dramatically decreasing the amount of calories you put in your body - again you are completely ignorant or misinformed.

I had a medical exam in July after starting the diet in March.

None of those things you listed (nice strawman by the way) have been shown to be associated with low carb dieting. Please cite peer-reviewed studies and not just some web site with an anonymous author to back up your claims or they are just so much more hot air from you.

Seriously, you have no idea about me and to make claims about me and how I play based on nothing more than your misguided and incorrect assumptions is just more arrogant ignorant crap from you.

Your host mom like most people who gain the weight back did so after STOPPING her low carb diet. How can you blame the diet for her gaining the weight back? If she'd stayed on it, she'd still be 100 pounds lighter.

I really think now that I'm debating with a teenager. Is that correct? No offense to teenagers because I have two of my own who are pretty smart but how about doing some actual research on a topic before showing your ignorance about it in front of thousands of people on the internet?
First off this is forum.
People discuss, ask, learn from other people.
You started off calling me ignorant. I am just normal user who wants to learn from who knows better and I just wanted share what I thought of.
I actually doesn't know much as you on Atkins diet. I actually just found out it was net gram.
In the book "Big Book of Food & Nutrition" it didn't says that.
I guess i was misinformed. But thats why i am in here. To learn from my mistake and from others.
Now i know its Net Gram.
this is what's forum for, I hope you don't just go off at people, because they are misinformed and calling them ignorant. Like you are about to punish your son if they were misinformed.
You could fix if i said was wrong. Not just go banana, just tell me this is informed and bla bla . You have lived longer than me, i do respect you. But you should know better about respecting others. However I apologize of my lackness on Atkins diet.
And now i know i don't know much about Diets, and i never done it. I am more like Physiotherapy guy.
so im asking you, are you telling me, does who are on low carb diet, they have to be on diet forever? Because if they eat a ice cream, it's all over.
also my host mom kept restricting her carb, but increased 5-10 per week. I don't know the exact numbers tho. but clearly she does not eat carbs much as other women does.
also i got the disease information from this site.
I know it isn't direct to low carb diets disease since there isn't much long term articles.
But high protein and other such so on..
Anyways the things about i don't understand diet is
there is away to lose fat without restricting food that you could eat.
They just have to spend sometime in the gym...
But society is getting busier and busier. I guess that's why..

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