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Originally Posted by kikiviva View Post
First off this is forum.
People discuss, ask, learn from other people.
You started off calling me ignorant. I am just normal user who wants to learn from who knows better and I just wanted share what I thought of.
I actually doesn't know much as you on Atkins diet. I actually just found out it was net gram.
In the book "Big Book of Food & Nutrition" it didn't says that.
I guess i was misinformed. But thats why i am in here. To learn from my mistake and from others.
Now i know its Net Gram.
this is what's forum for, I hope you don't just go off at people, because they are misinformed and calling them ignorant. Like you are about to punish your son if they were misinformed.
You could fix if i said was wrong. Not just go banana, just tell me this is informed and bla bla . You have lived longer than me, i do respect you. But you should know better about respecting others. However I apologize of my lackness on Atkins diet.
And now i know i don't know much about Diets, and i never done it. I am more like Physiotherapy guy.
so im asking you, are you telling me, does who are on low carb diet, they have to be on diet forever? Because if they eat a ice cream, it's all over.
also my host mom kept restricting her carb, but increased 5-10 per week. I don't know the exact numbers tho. but clearly she does not eat carbs much as other women does.
also i got the disease information from this site.
I know it isn't direct to low carb diets disease since there isn't much long term articles.
But high protein and other such so on..
Anyways the things about i don't understand diet is
there is away to lose fat without restricting food that you could eat.
They just have to spend sometime in the gym...
But society is getting busier and busier. I guess that's why..
Oh, before we go into "he said, she said" mode, YOU started this whole thing by giving me incorrect alarmist advice on low carb diets. Just because it is a forum doesn't mean you can write whatever you want without people pointing out the parts that were written in ignorance or were incorrect altogether.

If you want to have a calm, intelligent dialog with me about diets I'm more than willing to do that. However, your first step would be to go back to what you originally wrote that I responded to and STOP DOING THAT, at least until you know more about low carb diets than you now admit that you do.

It is my understanding that atkinsdietalert is a site set up and supported by zealot vegans and I do not believe it is a credible source of information. Many vegans hate low carb diets because they incorrectly believe they are high protein and they further believe that most of that protein has to come from our little furry friends. This is in fact not the case for the vast majority of these diets. They are high fat and low carb with moderate protein. Most people should not be eating more protein on a low carb diet than they were on a standard american diet (SAD).

To answer what I think is your most important question, in my opinion YES a low carb diet is a lifetime lifestyle change. It is a way of eating (WOE) that someone would adopt with the intention of staying on it their entire life. That is my plan and it is the way the other successful low carb dieters I know see their diet.

If you just want short term weight loss then a low carb diet is terrible imo because like your host mom, if you quit the diet you will likely gain all the weight you lost back and then some. The initial gains will just be from water and glycogen as their muscles are replenished with the stuff when they start eating the extra carbs but eventually they'll likely gain back all the fat they lost as well.

No, eating one high carb item will not result in 'its all over'. Some low carb diets (go look up cyclical ketogenic diets) even have regular 'carb up' periods. I did one of these very successfully for 9 months before but it truly is a very difficult diet to stick to. The one I'm on currently which is essentially a low carb diet for as much of the time as possible is very easy to stick to.
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