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Originally Posted by kikiviva View Post
I was rude in first post? i believe i was calm. if i was i am sorry.

i was just telling you to stop diet, because what i seen and heard wasn't really good for the health.

you could just told me, why should i stop it if there is bla bla bla benefits and other facts.

not just starting off, hey you have wrong information about diets. so you are ignorant.

My professors never called me ignorant, because i have wrong information.

they believe that its one steps forward to new information and getting right information to the knowledge.

I am not perfect, so does everyone. People make mistakes and I did.

I tried to back up with my theory where i thought it was right information.

but you started calling me ignorant because i am wrong.

so linesman who makes wrong call and hawk eye correct them. does that makes them blind?
You weren't rude so much as condescending which is equally annoying. You were giving advice to someone based on incorrect assumptions, misinformation, and ignorance. If you don't want to get criticized for doing that there is a very simple way for that to happen--don't do it.

I am not perfect either by the way and never claimed to be. You will NEVER however, see me telling anyone anywhere that low carb dieting is the only approach that works or that it is the best for everyone or even for most people. If you see me do that then feel free to justifiably blast me the way I blasted you because I would be clearly wrong to do that.

No, it doesn't make the linemen blind but it does make them wrong.
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