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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
You weren't rude so much as condescending which is equally annoying. You were giving advice to someone based on incorrect assumptions, misinformation, and ignorance. If you don't want to get criticized for doing that there is a very simple way for that to happen--don't do it.

I am not perfect either by the way and never claimed to be. You will NEVER however, see me telling anyone anywhere that low carb dieting is the only approach that works or that it is the best for everyone or even for most people. If you see me do that then feel free to justifiably blast me the way I blasted you because I would be clearly wrong to do that.

No, it doesn't make the linemen blind but it does make them wrong.
I do respect low carb diet. But i am wondered and im asking you.

Earlier i asked, what happen those people who stopped low carb diet. You said, they gained weight because they stopped..

Well so they have to live without candy, ice cream and others for rest of their lives?

The diet would never end? Because if you eat those you would be cheating and it isnt diet anymore..

I am wondered how people can live forever without awesome taste of sweets?

I guess thats why the 2 year research says that many people dropped out when they r testing.
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