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Originally Posted by kikiviva View Post
I do respect low carb diet. But i am wondered and im asking you.

Earlier i asked, what happen those people who stopped low carb diet. You said, they gained weight because they stopped..

Well so they have to live without candy, ice cream and others for rest of their lives?

The diet would never end? Because if you eat those you would be cheating and it isnt diet anymore..

I am wondered how people can live forever without awesome taste of sweets?

I guess thats why the 2 year research says that many people dropped out when they r testing.
I will be glad to share with you what I know then. To answer your question, yes people do give up those things for the rest of their lives. It actually gets much easier the longer you stay on a low carb diet. One reason is that low carb diets tend to cause the release of the hormone leptin which helps control hunger and cravings for food. Leptin release imo, is one of the two key reasons the diet works as well as it does, the other being how it controls the release of insulin which inhibits fat accumulation by the body. You wrote earlier about the feeling of being full you get from certain things you eat, well on a low carb diet you feel that way all the time, or at least a large majority of the time.

Yes, giving up those things is hard for many reasons and the long-term success rate for low carb diets is low. But you know what? I have seen studies that point out the long-term success rates for ALL types of diets is pretty low, not just low carb.

One reason I think it is even harder to stay on low carb diets long term is that we are constantly bombarded with billions of dollars in ads for high carb foods through the media. That is hard for anyone to ignore. Some people just aren't mentally strong enough to overcome those constant media messages. There is also sometimes social pressure to eat high carb food when you go out with friends or to a party, where there may be plentiful high-carb treats and not much else to eat. Believe me, I've been there done that, and it can be done.

On the other hand, a low carb diet offers many delicious foods that can be eaten until you feel full. Like I said before it won't take as much low carb food to make you feel full. I always eat what I want, I NEVER count calories, and I certainly don't miss that high carb crap I used to eat at all. To be honest the couple of times I've had anything sugary in the last few months it tasted awful and I felt bad later.

As to your point that "Because if you eat those you would be cheating and it isnt diet anymore," that is not actually true. If I have a high carb meal every once and a while it won't kill me or make me gain weight if I go back to low carb afterwards. A month or so ago my wife wanted sushi so I went with her and ate some. I could have had sashimi but I decided to eat a couple of sushi rolls anyway and guess what? I'm still on the diet, still losing body fat, still playing the best tennis of my life, and still planning on doing it for the rest of my life. The diet fairy did not visit me and take away my low carb membership card because I ate more carbs one meal than I usually do. We are all human and have to make our diets work in the real world after all.

If someone doesn't think they could do a low carb diet long-term then my advice would be not to start it at all. But if you understand the diet and are committed to it, it will work great for many people. I know it has for me and several of my friends.
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