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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Don't use running shoes for tennis.

The thick cushioned "high heel" on running shoes is an invitation for turning your ankle.

So for those that think they will save money by having just one pair of shoes for both tennis and running, they will have lousy, injury prone shoes for tennis, and all too quickly, lousy shoes for running.
This ^

Only a complete fool would wear running shoes to play tennis in.

I have in the past used cross-trainers - and indeed so did many pros - but the trend in trainers in recent years, especially Nike, has been shifting them towards the running shoe side of fence - much lighter and flimsier than tennis shoes. I imagine this is because so many people use them primarily as casual shoes and the last decade's growth in gym use as opposed to outdoor training.

A really popular Nike tennis shoe in the late 80s worn by McEnroe and Agassi was the Air Trainer 1.
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