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There is something about your strokes that makes me think injury. Your footwork is magnificent it truly is but something tells me one hard flat drive to either wing and that long swing may begin to show some flaws (Nadal has the same problem so don't feel bad).

I'm not going to just say you can hit, obviously your results show that and I don't imagine your here just fishing for compliments. How ever I can give you some suggestions that may help you prepare for the next level. I've played college and against some pretty mean Europeans with depth had power and spin. This is what I see needs to change for you, a smaller player, to excel at the next level.

Ground strokes: Simplified. You will have to develop a more direct swing to the contact point. Right now your swing is loosey goosey which if fine but you depend too much on just racquet head speed and over extension to make the ball go. You look a bit like a ostrich with your chest cocked forward on your forehand. This looks like the result of trying to extend too far forward. This effects your stability and balance. This technique may work for you at this level but all the little nuances will give you problems at a higher level. Dont get me wrong, theres a lot of good in there, but you need to strip it down to essence and make it unbreakable.

I could write 3pages on the forehand backhand but I'm sure a lot of it you already know. So I'm going to boil it down to it's essence. You hit with your core and lift with arms. The amount your arms move should be minimal. The motion of the arm is almost that of a bowler bowling a bowling ball. If you watch they pronate across the body as well. Power comes from your core. Pat the dog, shine the butt cap, yadda, yadda, the most important thin is to allow the shoulder to hit the ball. Your dbl bend Is hinged on your shoulder, your shoulder is rotated into your ball by your core/legs. Right now your arms are too active in the power portion. You need to simplify. The stroke is a musclular lift not a slap.

I will write more but the baby just started to stir. I'll touch on your volleys if I have some time at the office.

You hit the ball well but this is what I see from a coached eye.

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