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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I've tried to get Emmo moved up many times on this and on the greatest backhand and greatest 1 handed backhand list. On Hoodjem's latest list, I think he's got it pretty close. I had the privilege of seeing him play against Laver in a WCT event in which Emmo won the first set 6-1 before Laver came back to win the next two. Amazing tennis!
He was so steadyˇˇ had no real big shot but all his shots were really competitive, except, may be his forehand.In any case, he was the man always fit and won because he had a great self confidence, that helped through his career.

Roche was a superb net man, a true panther there.I´ve seen Fred Stolle and Owen Davidson and they were really good net men.Stolle was Gerulaitis coach for years and was the perfect net game partner for any winning doubles team.
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