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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Success on serve in rallies of 2 or more good shots:

McEnroe 53% on first serve (29/55) and 34% on second (16/47).
Borg 58% on first serve (35/60) and 52% on second (37/71).

Those numbers work out to McEnroe winning only 44% of the time (45 of 102 points) when his serve was returned.

So really, again, what won him the match was the large number of return errors that he drew from Borg.
I guess this points to some evidence that Borg's passing shots and ability off the ground was pretty amazing.

It would have been interesting if Borg and McEnroe played on red clay. McEnroe is pretty good on red clay but how would he do if his great serve's effectiveness was somewhat lessened by the red clay.

A person would tend to think Borg would win easily but who knows, especially when a person remembers how superbly McEnroe played in the first two sets against Lendl in the 1984 French Open final.
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