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Impressive. The one negative thing I notice is that your strokes look a bit stiff and awkward. I disagree strongly with the poster who said you are loosey goosey..

With the hitters that look the most 'natural' IRL they are finishing their racquet 'take back' with their hips. As their hips start to turn forward the racquet naturally goes back and lags behind. And while the lock and roll guy makes a big thing about this - other coaches have talked about the same thing..

With you you just take a big backswing and then don't really let the racquet slide back more (how could you with you far it is behind you)..

So it looks a bit stiff..and awkward. That's my take anyway. i wasn't going to say anything cause hey you are better then me. But it really seems like that's the issue.

Compare your 'backswing' with feds. You really have a back swing. He has more of a unit turn + a racquet drop + a hip rotation..

Not sure how you could fix this now that you have the long backswing as kind of part of your game.. But anyway that's the difference I see.
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