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A local guy here actually bought a racquet from a TTW member, and it just so happens that he contacted me for stringing. Guy knew his stuff: wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. Racquet is a Wilson K90. Strings are WhisperTouch Pro / CoFocus at 52/49. His thoughts after using it:
Hey man, just want to give you my first impressions of the racquet and string set-up. So the K90 strung with our setup is . . . a total spin machine! For one, I think the racquet itself I think is geared more for spin, with the open string pattern, and the way the racquet swings--it really knives through the air. It really has a different feel than the ncode; I've read that the weight distribution is different, and I think the K90 is likely more polarized, which makes for great spin potential and more maneuverability. Granted I haven't played it with another string, but I do know that I was getting a gobs of topspin (and some wicked slice) at club Thursday. I mean balls would look like they were going out and then just dive and kick. This happened a lot. I got a lot of free points and weak balls back this way. It was great! That heavy ball is something I really wanted -- and I think the racquet with this setup work together well to achieve it. And I felt like I had plenty of control -- I could add racquet head speed and the added pace would be complemented with the wicked spin and keep the balls in. It's likely that there are a lot of shots I can pull off with this racquet and set up that I couldn't do as easily before--things like angle shots and approach shots, where that added spin helps. (By the way, hitting one of those high kicking balls to a fellow's backhand makes for a great approach shot!) And I like the feel of the gut -- my sense is that it will really shine up at the net and on precision-type shots hit around the service line. One volley I hit in particular sticks out since it felt great.--I will have to experiment a bit with dampening; the rubberband I was using dampened a bit too much (combined with the low string tension) -- I'll have to find something really lightweight like a rubberband but that allows for more response from the string-bed. But in due time. Just wanted to let you know that I think we've created a heavy ball monster Thanks for your help!
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