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The article seemed ok to me until it veered off the cliff with the below quote:

Im not saying everyone should go out and play in running shoes; I am saying that wearing quality running shoes to play tennis does not lose stability or risk injury versus a tennis shoe, and the advantage of the running shoe is they help you push off and move forward better than most tennis shoes, says Grossman, who believes scanning technology has both performance and health benefits.

First off, while he "says" he is not advocating everyone play tennis in running shoes, that is exactly what he seemd to be advocating in the next sentence.

As others have said, running forward is not the dominant movement in tennis, and I think it is universally acknowledged that running shoes DO lack lateral stability and do increase risk of potential injury.

Also, I think there HAVE been advances in tennis shoes since the old days. Shoes used in the wooden racquet days were very different than today. Old shoes were often more like canvas Chuck Taylor type. Granted, maybe there can be additional advances in shoes through the scientific processes discussed in the article.
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