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Originally Posted by DaDave View Post
I wonder if they were banking on having Jack Sock to help with the "transition year". I'm not sure if Jean Andersen going pro was expected (maybe it was eligibility stuff cuz i think he is 22 now??). If you had them at the top 2 and then w/ the supporting cast, i think they would be Top 5-7 team.

I was kind of sad to see Kellen Damico to have the kind of college career that he did. He had some good early Freshman results but kind of dropped afterwards.

I agree that they really need either Shane Vinsant or Mitchell Krueger. Anyone know where they are considering???
Shane is likely going to A&M, Mitchell is being heavily romanced by OU, A&M, & TCU.

Texas does have Korinek in a year.

Slightly off topic, A&M has a very promising team...Ore, Winthrow are excellent additions.

Texas was devastated when Sock turned pro, they were seriously after him.
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